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Business Owner. Entrepreneur. Unix System Administrator. Web Site Architect. Project Manager. Programmer. Mentor.


All of the above titles have been used to describe Brett, and all only tell part of the story.

A native of Connecticut, Brett Rabideau drew heavily on her background in computer programming and database design to build a successful Internet Web Site Hosting and Consulting company, before recently joining a company which provides financial management services for Higher Education. Brett has created and managed project teams since 1989 for diverse virtual organizations with members located throughout the world. Brett has been active on the Internet since 1994, and provides advanced technical and project management skills while supporting and promoting women in technical roles on the Internet.

While being highly technical, Brett possesses a distinct fascination for the design end of the work, and enjoys interacting between technical people, designers, and clients, often times acting as an interpreter between the different roles in a project. In photography, she has found an outlet for her creative side, and photographs what others seek for their creative projects.

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Currently, you can find Brett's images for sale at the following sites:

  • IStockPhoto.com - Low cost, royalty-free stock photography from Brett and many other talented photographers.
  • ShutterStock.com - Subscription-based RoyaltyFree library.
  • DreamsTime.com - Royalty-Free stock photography, low cost from a variety of artists, including Brett.
  • StockToGo.com - Royalty-Free Stock - pay per image.
  • Fotolia.com - International Royalty-Free Stock Photography Marketplace - pay per image.
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  • StockXpert.com - Royalty-Free Stock Images - Pay per image.
  • CanStockPhoto.com - Low cost, Royalty-free stock photography, with a unique 'photo zoom' feature so that you can see the details of the work before purchasing.
  • GimmeStock.com - A micro-payment, royalty-free stock photography house.
  • BigStockPhoto.com- Royalty-Free stock photography.
  • Zazzle.com - Brett's images are featured here on Notecards, shirts, and posters.
  • By direct sale - email photography@brettrabideau.com with your photography needs today, and Brett will be happy to respond with images available and a custom quote for usage.

Brett's images were sold on the RebelArtist.com web site from its conception in May 2001 through its demise on December 15, 2003.

Toes in Sand

Brett's Photography in Action

Brett Rabideau's photography has appeared in a number of news publications, web sites, and publications by various organizations. These publications include:
9/19/2003 - Hurricane Isabel - Navigational Buoy breaks free and washes up on West Haven CT Shoreline

My boots on Gulliver's Travels
CD/Roms and Image Collections Media Credits Online Magazines Web Sites Other Creative Works She Really Loves Chocolate

Awards and Accolades

Brett values the following recognitions of her work: Sun Rays through the Clouds

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Bright Green Eyes Do you have a custom photography need? Are you searching for a particular stock photo? Brett can help!

Email Brett at photography@brettrabideau.com today with the details of your requirements.

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